Transforming websites into structured data

Fully managed web scraping solutions

We enable you to turn unstructured data from the world wide web into any structured data format you need. No coding knowledge, expensive servers or additional software required.

How can we help you?

We cover a variety of use cases offering quick, unique and scalable scraping solutions to supply you with the data you need. From monitoring competitor pricing to extracting property listings, our web scraping solutions have it all.

Competitor Research

We can aid your competitor analysis strategy by developing a custom web scraping solution to extract competitor prices, reviews and much more.

Content Aggregation

Our scalable news and content aggregation solution helps you to convert thousands of constantly updated sites into rich, structured data.

Lead Generation

We can scrape websites such as Google Maps, LinkedIn, Yelp and many more to provide you with high quality B2B leads.

Social Media

Our social media scraping solutions allow your business to gain useful insights into brand and consumer sentiment.


We can help automate your dropshipping business, provide price comparison & tracking and much more to give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Real Estate

We can help you extract property listings from sites such as, & many others.

Recent Use Cases

Dropshipping Automation

An eCommerce reseller wanted us to scrape product information from their suppliers website as the file provided by his supplier was inaccurate and outdated. We created a well-configured scraper that was able to scrape supplier products and place them in a CSV file promptly and accurately, ready to be imported into their WooCommerce store.

Historical Twitter Data

A social scientist from Spain needed a dataset of historical tweets containing a certain phrase within a specific timeframe for her empirical research. For this project we had to reverse engineer the Twitter Search engine as the Twitter API is rate-limited and therefore cannot be used to create large historical tweet datasets. Our scraper was able to collect hundreds of thousands of tweets within minutes and save them to an Excel file.

Car Auction Site

In this particular project our client wanted to scrape the entire database of cars for sale on a car auction site to make his vehicle search and comparisons easier. Our scraper was able to collect all the information about each car into an Excel file within hours, helping our client to save hours searching for cars to place a bid on.

Our Customers

These are some of our clients who used our web scraping expertise to their advantage and gained a new, competitive edge.

"All I can say is Well Done!"

Excellent service and support. They've managed to scrape an entire website in just a day and adapt the results to our needs in another 24 biz hours. I can only say well done!